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A Few Things About Project

  • Who Can Participate
    All London’s educational institutions, families and random persons, anyone who cares about ecology, is invited to collect plastic bottle lids and create works of art out of them.
  • The Aim of the Competition
    To collect as many wasted plastic (HDPE) bottle lids as possible and bring them for recycling.
  • Second part of the Competition
    To create works of art out of collected lids.
  • Competition Dates in London, UK
    Lid collecting: June 10th - November 30th, 2014. Artwork exhibition: December 1st - December 10th, 2014.

Our Partners

By reducing the amount of wasted plastic bottle lids, we contribute to a cleaner environment and a more efficient use of resources. This competition has proven that children can be a lot more interested in plastic lids rather than in various toys advertised by different traders.

Competitions like this really makes our planet greener.